Educator programs

SCAD supports educators by providing opportunities for professional development in an inspiring community of artists, designers and talented faculty members.

Advanced Placement Institute

Discover SCAD's Advanced Placement Institute, a summer program sponsored by the College Board to certify teachers for Advanced Placement art and design, art history, and English literature and composition.

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cator Forum

Explore cator Forum offerings and imagine yourself rejuvenating and recharging in a setting thoughtfully designed to promote creativity.

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Consider graduate school

Educators who are employed in a full- or part-time capacity at the first grade through university level at a public or private institution recognized by the applicant’s state department of education at the time of application may be eligible to receive a half-tuition scholarship to attend SCAD at any location or via SCAD eLearning.

These awards are available to qualified applicants to undergraduate or graduate degree programs at SCAD. To be eligible, an educator must apply and be accepted to SCAD and must provide proof of employment in good standing from his or her school administrator or human resources department.

Begin planning your future success today by learning more about the various creative degree programs offered at SCAD.

内蒙古快三Rising Star Exhibition Summer 2016


Meet previous program participants and hear their perceptions of the cator Forum.

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内蒙古快三AEF 2012 Reception

Bring out your students' inner artists

Take advantage of free lesson plans provided by the SCAD Museum of Art to stir your students' imaginations and enhance their understanding of art and design.

内蒙古快三Summer programs student hanging photography prints for critique

Summer programs for students

Cultivate creativity — yours and theirs. SCAD offers several stimulating summer programs for your students, too.

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